EMT-B 2002 Medical Emergency Scenario

Academy students are required to participate in several real-time, life-like emergency medical scenarios.  They are asked to put into action all of the skills and knowledge they have acquired throughout the course.  Students are evaluated not only on the assessment and treatment of the patients, but on how they react under pressure in a rapidly deteriorating emergency situation.

A patient is placed in C-spine traction and extricated from the 

These scenarios are performed at night, in the cold weather, under flashing emergency lights, around annoying innocent bystanders, utilizing live patients in real vehicles making it as life-like as possible.  Students are instructed to treat the scenario if it were a real life and death situation.  Students live up to the challenge and perform in a competent, professional manner.

Students make entry to a vehicle with a trapped victim

Students assess and begin treatment of the trapped patient

The patient is backboarded and packaged for transport

Students perform artificial ventilation on a patient who has 
stopped breathing

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