Highlights from the March 2003 ALS PEPP Class

Developed by the American Academy of Pediatrics, PEPP (Pediatric Education for Pre-hospital Professionals) is an exciting curriculum designed specifically to teach pre-hospital professionals how to better assess and manage ill or injured children. The BLS course is a 1-day (8-hour) curriculum.  The ALS course is a 2-day (16-hour) curriculum.

Graduates of the March 2003 ALS PEPP class

Built into the PEPP program is lots of hands-on practical training.  In addition to the excellent lecture material presented, students spend a great deal of time practicing newly acquired skills as well as sharpening their current skills in treating children.  

At the end of each class, students must put it all together and participate in a mega-code child birth/resuscitation scenario . 

Students simulate running a full code on an infant complete with
intubation, Intraosseous infusion, drug administration and CPR.

Students simulate child delivery in the field complete with gushing amniotic fluid, meconium staining and umbilical obstruction

Advanced airway procedures is a large part of PEPP

An ALS PEPP student prepares to "dive-in" to the child birth

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