EMT-B 2001 Practicing Their Skills

Academy students are taught the skills of an EMT during lecture time, live demonstrations and from the text book.  However; knowledge without practical experience is not much use in the EMS world.  Students receive many hours of hands-on training practicing their newly acquired skills.

Students practice backboarding and packaging a patient

Students from the EMT-B Class of 2001 reported little or no difficulty when performing before the licensure board at the State of Michigan practical examinations.

Academy students perform, rehearse and review their skills over and over again until they become second nature.  These life-saving skills will then become so natural and students will become so comfortable with performing them that they can be accomplished almost automatically without giving much thought.

In Memory of Dennis LaFontaine (left), EMT-B Class of 2001
Students learn how to correctly apply a cervical collar

Students practice C-spine immobilization on a simulated patient

Students must learn to quickly identify and know every aspect 
of every piece of emergency medical equipment available to them

Students must not only learn how to treat a patient, but learn
how a patient being treated feels.  Every student must participate
in being a simulated patient for other students to treat

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