EMT-B 2003 Field Trip to Canterbury 
on the Lake Nursing Home

Beginning in 2003, students can participate in an academy sponsored field trip.  This year paramedic students will attend a live autopsy at the Oakland County Medical Examiner's office while Basic EMT students visit the full-time nursing care facility at the Canterbury on the Lake senior citizen complex.

Basic EMT students are afforded the opportunity to put their newly acquired skills into practice and approach each facility resident as a medical patient.  They are able to hone their communication and interviewing skills by introducing themselves, talking to and questioning their patient and assessing their mental status.  Furthermore, they continue sharpening their skills by obtaining all vital signs including blood pressure, lung sounds, respirations, pupil reactivity, skin condition and pulse oximetry. 

Each student has to assess the patient, obtain and document their vital signs and articulate their current physical condition and well-being.

Students arrive at the facility eager and ready to participate

Students practice functioning in teams.  Each, in turn, performs
an assessment and then takes their turn documenting as the
other members of the team perform their assessment

Canterbury on the Lake senior citizen complex

We would like to convey our sincere thanks to the residents,
visitors and staff of Canterbury on the Lake.  They are most
gracious in allowing us this opportunity.  A very special thanks
to Rachel Voss, Director of Nursing, for her assistance in the
coordination of our Academy field trips.

Students break up into groups and receive their assignments

When performing an assessment, being able to communicate
your findings to the team member documenting the incident is a
skill that can only be acquired through practical experience
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