EMT-P 2003 students pactice  IV, IM, SQ
and Blood Draws on each other

Students are given the opportunity to practice their IV therapy, IM injection, subcutaneous injection and blood draw skills not only on mannequin and simulation arms, but on each other (and an occasional instructor).  

This affords the student the experience of not only performing these skills on a live patient, but also to experience what it feels like to be a patient having these procedures performed on them.  

The student can then more easily sympathize and understand first hand what a patient is going through as the paramedic performs these procedures.

Students must select the most appropriate site for the injection

By the end of the day, students have been poked, pricked 
and stuck numerous times.

Academy instructor Jim Cooper allows students to practice
intra-muscular injections on his arm

Using sterile saline solution, students must draw the correct 
amount into a syringe and properly inject it into another student
using aseptic procedures.

Students must successfully draw 10cc venous blood.

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